Wooden Decks Vrs Composite Decks.

Composite vrs Wood

Wood Treated Vrs Composite Wood

Pros and Cons on Decking Materials used.

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Good Weather is here as the price of housing is  increasing. You came to the conclusion that adding a deck to your house will definitely increase the value of your property as well as enhancing living space for your family.

Now your question is which type of deck do I want for my house? And what are your options?

Those are the most popular questions: do I want a wooden deck or a composite wood deck?.

There is no right or wrong, it’s just about preference and convenience, in order to state what’s the best for you, you must understand the Pros and Cons of both materials and how you can take advantage of these characteristics. 


Deck Contractors Near Me? 

Art Stone Home Improvements it’s a Reputable Deck Builder in the area of Frederick MD,  Prince George County MD,  Montgomery County MD and Howard County MD.

Our expertise goes from:

Porch building custom.

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Custom Deck Builders.

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Composite Wood Deck  Pros.

  • It does self maintain with the rain by washing itself.
  • It does provide stronger resistance to algae growth on the surface and since it’s a synthetic material it prevents the algae from introducing to the inside fibers of the composite wood.
  • It will save you money on yearly maintenance from splintering or nails adjusting.
  • It will save you money every five years from staining and maintenance such as power washing. Approximately $1500-$2000 per 12′ x 12’ deck.
  • They are eco-friendly since the source of their manufacturing it’s recycled Construction products.
  • They are consistent in appearance and they don’t have natural defects that make wood stand out.
  • You don’t have to worry about sealing composite decking to make it waterproof; most of the composite materials either PVC base or Vinyl coated are waterproofed by default.
  • They come in multiple brands such as Trex, Veranda, Fiberon, Azek. These are the most well known brands.
  • Choices when it comes  to the fastening, such as Hidden fastening by selecting grooved edging boards or Exposed screw fastening on surface if you decide to go with square edged decking boards.
  • Most of this Material can be obtained at Home Depot Decking Builders area Or Lowe’s deck Building materials.




Wooden pressure treated Deck Pros.

  • They are 20% cheaper than composite wood decking boards.
  • The labor factor is the same but slightly may change depending on the price per piece and the chances of making errors at the moment of cutting a piece. Some contractors to avoid impact on their estimating process they increase the installation factor depending on the cost of the materials to work on.
  • A wooden deck may have the same lasting life of a composite deck if this is maintained and treated properly on the three years to five years staining cycles.
  • If you love nature and appreciate the fibers of the wood, Wood is your go to, all depends if you use the most popular treated  woods such as southern Pine but in certain areas a specific type may be requested such as non-decay colored wood  like Black Locust or Red Cedar imposed by historical Societies or homeowners Association.
  • Natural defects appreciation If you live in a cabin log house A composite deck will not go well with your house style and design. Stains and sealers  will be your best allies to preserve the beauty of the wood in your deck.




What type of deck is best for You? Questions and answers

Will this deck be installed on a high foot traffic? 

Answer: Wood or Composite 

Will this deck be in direct contact with water like a boardwalk? 

Answer: Wood is best 

Will this be exposed to a lot of heat like barbecues or bonfires nearby?

Answer: Wood deck  Responds  better than composite to heat exposure. Composite decks may be altered by the heat without an opportunity to resist heat.

Is selling the house your plan? 

Answer: A wooden deck probably will be your best choice saving you money however the consistency of your neighborhood may be altered and the value of your property instead of adding value to the selling price.

Are you a dedicated handyman person who likes to stay active during summer?

Answer: A wooden deck will be your best choice.

Are you a busy person or have health problems?

Answer: A composite deck will be your best choice.

Would you be able to get Decking Boards in the future for repairs?

Answer: There is a trend of composite materials changing and discontinuing every 20 to 25 years And chances are that some of your boards need to be replaced by the time you won’t be able to find them making this difficult to replace few boards if maintenance is required unlike wooden  Deck which allows nature to produce the same type of wood in hundreds of years  a local deck companies near me can do the trick of repair.


Why Art Stone For Your Deck Needs?

Allow our experts at  Art Stone Home Improvements to help you make a decision on selecting a wooden deck or a composite wood deck  as well as  to provide you with choices of materials and colors according to your needs in the state of Maryland.

When you feel ready for adding your deck Art Stone Home Improvements is the deck and porch builder near You.

Our Materials preferred Materials are Trex, Veranda and Fiberon Composite Woods as well pressure treated and We are known as Local  Porch Contractors and trex deck builder 

We are Service Providers for Home Depot and Rated Best deck Builders Near Frederick, Montgomery and Howard County Maryland.

Steps or process for building  a deck.
  1. Deck Material choice selection Wood or composite.
  2. Deck designing.
  3. Deck Permit acquisition in your county or local state.
  4. Deck Inspection by local contracting government office.
  5. Deck Project management and completion.
  6. Deck Contractor Hiring Terms and conditions by searching deck builders near me


We provide all that with porch and deck builders services at Art Stone Home Improvements LLC in MD.

We will take care of everything for you we will prepare all the paperwork, permits and building codes of the deck construction to be submitted to your local city or your Home owner associations.

We know that it will bring you a lot of headaches and since it’s considered a major modification you need to hire a Certified Home Improvement Contractor who will make this happen for you. We are a reliable and professional Home Improvement contractor. As well very affordable we like to work with our customers as much as possible to help them to transform their houses in the space adequate for their family. We Love what we do and there is nothing else more comforting knowing that by doing what we know how to do right we are helping your family to enjoy unforgettable memories on a place called home.

Don’t think twice we are here to help you today. Make a free consultation our team is ready for your inquires.

We are the right people to get it done right.  


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