The Finest Residential Painters in Frederick The Finest Residential Painters in Frederick The Finest Residential Painters in Frederick The Finest Residential Painters in Frederick

The Finest Residential Painting in Frederick.

Are you thinking on hiring a Painter to take care of your house? Art Stone Home Improvements is providing the Finest Residential Painting in Frederick.  Hiring the right painter would make ANY HOME OWNER think twice, but we understand your concerns and we want to make you feel free of worries.

When you look for the Finest Residential Painters in Frederick  for your house there are qualities that you look for and some of those qualities can be punctuality, professionalism, presentation, and core values of the company. Is it a serious company or just a self called painter who got a set of brushes at a hardware store ? Be careful on what you look for.

If you are looking a person who can handle a brush to do your house we are pretty sure any high school kid can do it for couple bucks. That’s what we call exchange of labor for money. At Art stone Home Improvements we take this to the professional level where IT IS supposed to be. We believe in providing The Finest Residential Painters in Frederick  as well Quality of workmanshipand add on features with every residential painting job.

Hire The Finest Residential Painter in Frederick

THOSE add-on features for example can be, Who is responsible for the bucket of paint spilled on your carpet, If customer provides with the paint who will be responsible if the paint start to peel of after couple months, How do you know if your property is a lead free property, who will be responsible for the guy who fell of from the ladder hurting his ankle, and the list of job liabilities incidents can go on and on. That’s the reason why Hiring Art Stone Home Improvements is the company for your need. We don’t deliver just the labor of painting your home but protecting you from all those incidents mentioned before. We are fully insured and we guarantee our Services providing with peace of mind that with us you are covered from accidents in your home as we deliver the finest residential painting services. We pay attention to details. Before painting we do a wall preparation walk through inspection, such as crack repairs, popped out nails repairs, spills prevention plan, Dust mitigation and furniture covering The quality of a brush or a roll can impact the ending result of your painting. It’s not the same to paint a wall with one dollar brush THAN A 20 dollar brush. This will absolutely make the final result stand out from the rest.

Rest free don’t take any chances we are here to deliver the finest residential painting services in your area. Finest Residential Painters in Frederick.


Can I paint over Lead paint? -Finest residential Painting in Frederick

If your house was built before 1978 chances are that you have  lead based paint on your house if you(Homeowner) are going to remove, scrape, peel off,or sand down  paint  creating dust you are exposing to high risk of poisoning and contaminating your entire home. But if you(Homeowner) are just going to paint over the old paint with out doing any of the practices mentioned above then you are just fine!.

How ever if you are doing any minor interior repair wich will cover more than 6 Sqft per room including in this rule Window removal, demolition work, or any prohibited practice and  more than 20 Sqft for exteriors  and your home was built before 1978 you need to hire an EPA Lead Certified Contractor to certify that your job is free of lead. Once tested if the test is negative you are good to go with any contractor or DIY if you want  the  certified firm or contractor will give you the certification that you are free of lead  but if results are Positive the job must be performed by an EPA Lead Certified Contractor  The fines from the EPA are for $ 37,000 and  money its not all,  you just need the size of a little bag of sugar splenda to contaminate a room of  15 ft x 13 ft or 200 Sqft.

Art stone Home Improvements is an EPA lead certified company ” RRP ” why taking chances just contact us  today and don’t  put your life and family at risk. Finest Residential Painters in Frederick

Allow us to take care for you of your Home. Quality and Peace of mind isn’t expensive it is priceless and if you need the finest painters in your home a team Member from Art Stone Home Improvements Is waiting for your inquire right now. Don’t think twice. We are the right people to get it done right! Make a free consultation today.



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